MPI4Spark 0.2

MPI4Dask 0.3

  • MPI4Dask 0.3 (02/09/2023)
  • MPI4Dask 0.3 Userguide: This detailed guide contains the necessary information for users to download, install, test, use, and tune MPI4Dask 0.3 package on various platforms.

RDMA for Apache Hadoop 3.x

RDMA for Apache Spark

RDMA for Apache Kafka

RDMA for Apache Hadoop 2.x

RDMA for Memcached

RDMA for Apache Hadoop 1.x

RDMA for Apache HBase

OSU HiBD-Benchmarks (OHB)

  • OSU HiBD-Benchmarks 0.9.3 (12/22/17)
  • NOTE: To run the HDFS OHB micro-benchmarks with the latest RDMA for Apache Hadoop 2.x 1.3.5 release (or default Hadoop 2.8.0), please update the Hadoop jar versions from 2.7.3 to 2.8.0 in the benchmark run script located at osu-hibd-benchmarks-0.9.3/hdfs/ in the OHB 0.9.3 tarball.